When you perform a property search using the new Search 2.0 Beta, the properties that match your criteria will display in a list, here are some tips on how to perform some tasks for the properties and/or change the display.

What can I see in the property list?

  • the basic details of each property, including the name of the listing agent, price, agent commission, and when it was last confirmed as up-to-date

  • Click on either the agent name or property reference number to open the property to see full details and photos, click [Last Results] to go back to the list

  • If you are looking at rental properties, click on the calendar icon to see any rental bookings

How can I change how the list displays?

  • Click the image icon to select small, medium, large or no property photo

  • Click any column heading to sort the list in ascending or descending order

  • Select from the [Show] drop-down list to change how many properties are shown on each page

  • If the list has more than one page, use the page navigator arrows to move to the next page

What actions can I perform from the property list?

  • To perform an action, first select the property (or properties) by ticking the tickbox next to the photo

  • Click the print icon to print a property

  • Click the email icon to email the property to someone

  • Or select from the [Actions] drop-down list where you can also:

  • Check availability (on another agent’s property)

  • Check keys in or out (on your own properties)

  • Print or Email

  • Book an appointment to view a property, click on the property to open the details page, click [Book Appointment] from the [More] drop-down list at the top right.

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