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Perform a clean load of my XML feed
Perform a clean load of my XML feed

If the XML search on your website is out of sync with the live database, you will have to perform a clean load of your database.

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Follow these steps to arrange a clean load of your database:

Request to Enable the Development parameters on your account

  • Contact Customer Support and request that they activate development parameters on your account. This must be done by an account administrator.

  • Web developers can also contact Customer Support from our website to request this providing the agency name and we will confirm with the account administrator.

The development parameters will be activated on the account for 5 working days to allow time to do the reset.

Send the URL and Documentation to your web developer

So your Developer can start the process, you may need to send them the Feed URL and the technical documentation that has all the information they require.

To access your Feed URL:

  1. Click on [My Account] in the Top Right hand corner

  2. Click the [Feeds] tab

  3. Look for the feeds with usernames commencing with:

    • RESALES@ or RESALES-1@

    • RENTALS@ or RENTALS-1@

  4. The url that your web developer will need is in the Feed Details column.

  5. Very important: Be sure to include the link below in your email. This link contains all relevant documentation regarding how to run an XML export feed for all shared properties in ReSales-Online.

What will my web developer need to do?

When resetting your feed your web developer will need to:

  1. Firstly, remove all previous ReSales-Online sourced properties from your database (if necessary, backup the data to somewhere safe beforehand).

  2. Perform a clean load of the xml feed using the "&i=true" parameter as detailed in the technical documentation.

Solving errors

Error message: A previous instance of this feed appears to be running. Please wait at least 10 minutes before requesting another.

This message means that the feed is failing to download as the connection from your server times out. The best solution is to:

  • Use the parameter "&n=500" to download all the properties 500 at a time.

  • There are over 23000 properties so you will need to execute the feed about 47 times.

  • Once you receive an empty feed then you know you have all the available properties downloaded.

If you or your developer need any technical support, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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