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Search 2.0 BETA - how to sort the results
Search 2.0 BETA - how to sort the results

When using Search 2.0 BETA, the properties that match your criteria will display in a list, here are some tips on how to sort the results.

Updated over a week ago

By default, the search results will be sorted by Price ascending but the results can easily be sorted by clicking the headers of each column highlighted in the following Image:

The results can be sorted by:

  • Agency

  • Reference (Most Recently listed has the highest reference number)

  • Agency reference

  • Price (Default)

  • Commission %

  • Price Change

  • Key in / out

  • Status

  • Number of Duplicates

  • Property Type

  • Location

  • Number of Bedrooms

  • Size - Build size m2 + Garden Plot Size m2

  • Most Recently Updated

What's next?

For more information about Search 2.0 BETA, you might like to look at an explanation of the results page, or see some of the common questions about it.

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