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Why do I have to change my email settings?
Why do I have to change my email settings?

From 1st June it will not be possible to send emails from the system via our email servers.

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Why am I seeing a message to change my Email Settings?

You will be seeing this message if you currently have your email settings (preferences) set to one of these options:

  • Send from your email address, via our Mail Servers

  • Send from on behalf of your email account

From 1st June It will no longer be possible to send emails from the system using the ReSales-Online email servers. Note that new Network accounts will be able to send emails via our servers for the first 2 weeks of their subscription, after this period they will have to edit their email settings.

This decision has been taken for a number of reasons which are listed further below.

What should I do?

The best solution is to change your Email Settings and relay emails through your own email server. This will require that you store your email server details in your ReSales-Online account (email server names and passwords will be encrypted in our system), click here for more info and how to.

What will happen if I don't change my Email Settings?

No problem it is not obligatory, however you need to know that if you DON'T change your email settings:

  • you cannot email property details directly from the system, but you can:

  • Auto Notify function in profiles will not work and you will have to manually send any profile matches to your clients.

  • you will not be able to email Forms directly from the system (eg: Listing Form, etc), you will have to download them and send separately.

Why are we removing these options?

Sending emails via our email servers produces the problems listed below. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening because we have no control over how other mail servers classify spam or reject emails.

  • Low delivery success rate: your emails can be wrongly identified as spam and your email will end up in your client's spam folder, or be rejected completely.

  • Low response success rate: if your email did get delivered correctly, there is a higher chance that when the client responds to your email, the response will end up in your spam folder.

  • The high volume of emails often results in our servers being blocked.

If you have any questions, raise a chat with our Customer Support team.

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