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How much does a Resales-Online template cost?

The cost of a Resales-Online template costs €40 p/m (Excluding IVA) We are currently offering a 50% discount. The discounted price is €20 p/m (Excluding IVA) This does not include email hosting.

Will you issue me a domain name?

Yes, we provide you with a domain based on your company name. The domain name will look as follows: YourAgencyName.property-viewer.com.

If you already have a domain name or you want to purchase a new domain name you can forward it to your Resales-Online site. (ReSales-Online does not offer a domain service. if you wish to obtain a new domain you will have to contact a third party.)

Do you provide an email service?

ReSales-Online does not offer an email service. if you wish to obtain an email address you will have to contact a third party. See below for recommended third-party services.

What will I need to create my site?

  • Company Logo

  • Background images

  • Content for each page on your site

  • Style sheet where any HEX colours and fonts are specified so you can match the new site with your branding.

To help you get started we have included sample images and content. To personalise your website, we recommend you edit each content section for the pages you have selected.

Can I change the design of my website?

You can change the images and the content of your site at any time by accessing the website builder from your account.

You can ONLY change the design to an available template in the website builder.

We do not offer bespoke websites. You can only select from the templates and styles available in the website builder. We will continue to increase the number of templates and styles available.

Can I add another Language to my website?

Yes, you can have up to 10 languages on your website. Property features are automatically translated into the following languages. Property descriptions will be shown in English by default unless the property has a description in the selected language.

  • English

  • Spanish

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Danish

  • Russian

  • Swedish

  • Polish

  • Norwegian

The content for each page has to be translated manually.

Can I filter the properties on my website?

Yes, you can filter the properties on your website using the API filter under your RsSales-Online account. Here's How

Does Resales-Online manage my SEO?

No, we do not offer lead generation or provide SEO. There is the option to manage the site's SEO in the advanced section of the website builder.

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