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Property listing tips
Property listing tips

Inaccurate information in listings is a deal breaker for many agents when it comes to promoting listings from other agents to their clients.

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Here are some tips to ensure that your properties stand out:

Complete and correct property details

  • Give the correct location and not a more desirable location nearby. Ensure the property sizes and other details are correct.

  • Be sure that the property characteristics accurately describe the property for sale, e.g.: don’t select “beachfront” when it is “close to beach”. Instead of making the property more desirable, it will turn into an embarrassment at the time of viewing. Give thought to the characteristics you select as they can be used as search criteria.

Top quality photographs

  • We can’t stress how important this is, your photos are the very first opportunity to attract a person to view the property; so screenshots from a website, or hastily taken mobile shots just don’t make the grade.

Well-written property descriptions

  • Keep your description brief but interesting. Long rambling descriptions, apart from not fitting on many window cards, could make the reader feel they don’t need to view the property; make them want to see it!

  • Important tip: spelling and grammar-check are your best friends!

These are the bench-marks of a professional property listing and will help you get more interest in your portfolio.

Do I need to share all the properties I post?

No, it's up to you to decide whether or not to share your properties, but the more you share, the higher your chances of attracting a sale.

The [Share] tickbox can be found on the [Pricing] tab when adding or editing a property.

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