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How can I add my email signature?
How can I add my email signature?

Set up one general company email signature or set up individual signatures for each user account.

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The email signature is automatically inserted to the end of emails you send from your account. Generally, the signature is used to provide the recipient with your name, email address, business contact information, website URL or even memorable anecdotes.

To add or edit your email signature you must have Administrator privileges, this can be done from ⚙️ [My Account] section on the [Overview’ tab].

There are a couple of options when adding your email signature:

Free Text

Simply type in the relevant information that you wish to appear in your email signature, this is ok if you only have one user, but if you have more than one user we recommend using the tags so that the relevant contact information appears when each user sends emails.


By using the tags in the signature, the system will automatically insert the relevant information from the company details page and from each user account, this is useful as each employee with having their own job title and contact information.

Each tag represents a piece of information, for example, if you include the tag {jobtitle} the job title added for that user account will appear in the signature, when that user sends emails for the system.

Simply copy and paste any tags from the top text box into the signature text box.

What you enter

Resulting email signature

Example 1 (using only tags)

{firstname} {surname}
{mobile} {companyphone}

Max Brown
600000000 952000000

Example 2 (using a combination of text and tags)

Best regards,
{firstname} {surname}

Mobile: {mobile}
Tel: {companyphone}
Email: {myemail}

Best regards,
Max Brown

Mobile: 600000000
Tel: 952000000

Free text and Tags

When using both free text and tags as in Example 2 above, you may want to add a data protection disclaimer, your company slogan, or a memorable anecdote at the end of your email signature.

Adding your logo

Insert your company logo by using the {screenlogo} or {emaillogo} tags. The screen logo and email logos will be different sizes, so you might want to experiment with both to see which size you prefer for your email signature.

For those that prefer to design their logo using HTML, The text editor includes an HTML editing pane; use the source code icon <>.

The create signature section comes with a full-text editor so you can edit your design and include external links.


If your email signature doesn't come out as expected, just start a chat with Customer Support and they will assist.

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