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How can I reset or retrieve my password?
How can I reset or retrieve my password?

For your security our platform does not store your account password.  If you forget your password you will have to reset a new one.

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To establish a new password

Go to our website

  1. Click [LogIn]

  2. Click [Reset Password]

  3. Enter your username OR the email address linked to your account

  4. Tick [I’m not a robot]

  5. Click [Submit].

Then go to your email Inbox:

  1. Open the Reset Password email that was sent to you

  2. Click on the link in the email

  3. Enter your new password twice and click [Update Password] 

  4. If all correct, a message will display saying “Your password has been reset”

Once your password has been updated, you can now log into your account using the new credentials.

If you have forgotten your user name, you will find it in the Reset Password email.


  • Password reset will NOT WORK if the same email address is registered for more than one user in your agency account.

  • If you do not receive the Reset Password email, first check your Spam Folder.  If you cannot find it, please start a chat with our Customer Support Team.

  • Password reset links can only be used once, repeat the above process each time you need to reset or forget your password.

  • For the security of your business, do not share your login credentials with anyone.

While you're here ...

Has a staff member left your agency? In this case, we recommend a company-wide password reset to protect the security of your data.

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