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How can I send properties to my clients?
How can I send properties to my clients?

Access multiple email templates that you can email directly to your clients, complete with your company logo and contact information.

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Preparing property lists to send to your clients can be very time consuming. With the Resales-Online platform it is so much easier with access to multiple email templates. Also, emails sent from the system are automatically linked to your contact's task history.   

Here is how to email listings from your account

On the property results page select the tick box to the left of the property or properties you wish to send, then click the email icon at the top of the page (or select Email from the [Actions] drop-down menu)

Your most recently used email format will display at the top of the page, Click [View More Formats] to view other options.

  • Select to Show or Hide your agency details

  • Click the [Print/Preview] button to print the property details, or to view it before sending.

  • Click [Email]

If you have not saved your client into your contact list then you must enter the email address in manually How to add a client to my contact list

Write your message and if you want to send the same property or properties to someone else, select [Keep Property List to Use Again]

What's Next

Configure your Email Settings to Increase the delivery rate of emails sent to your clients.

Select the photos on other agents listings that you want to include in your emails and/or window cards.

Or if you prefer, send properties to your clients via Whatsapp.

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