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How can I add a client to my contact list?
How can I add a client to my contact list?

Growing your client database and keeping the information up to date is key to the success of any businesses.

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When creating a contact we recommend you add as much information as possible, especially the 'Contact Stage' and 'Contact Source'. This will allow you to generate Custom Reports and help you manage your pipeline efficiently, potentially resulting in more closed deals.

Here's How

  • Click [Contacts] on the system menu

  • Click [Add Contact]

  • Enter the information you have in the [Contact Details] tab: [First Name] and [Surname] are obligatory fields

  • Select the Contact Stage

  • Select the Contact Source

  • Click on the [Other Details] tab and add any more details you want to keep

  • Click [Save]

What is the Contact Stage

The 'Contact Stage' indicates how far along the client is during the sales process. Every company will have its own unique sales process, for example, a simple process could consist of the following stages:

  • New Lead

  • Contacted

  • Not Interested

  • Interested

  • Sale Agreed

  • Closed Sale

  • Closed Lost

Within ReSales-Online you have the option to create your own contact stages. It is important you update the stages as your client goes through the sales process, so you can keep on top of your hot clients.

What is a Contact Source?

Recording where your client came from will give you vital information on which marketing campaigns are working best for your company, so when the time comes to allocate your marketing budget you know where your money is best spent. 

There is no limit to the number of contacts you can create. Your contacts and their details are private to you only, other agents cannot access this information.

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