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How can I create a custom report?
How can I create a custom report?

Build tailored reports to display your sales pipeline, track individual performances within your team, and much more.

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No matter how big or small your agency is, it is vital to any business that you can track and monitor your company's performance.

Here's How

Go to [Search Contacts] or [Search Tasks] on the system menu.

Select the criteria you want to include in your report on the search page, for example: In Contact Search - if you select Purchaser, a Salesperson's name and Contact Status 'Interested' - the resulting report will show all 'hot' buying clients assigned to that salesperson.

You might not want your entire team to have access to a certain report, you can restrict who access by selecting from the list of user names under the 'available To' tab, to select more than one user hold down CTRL.

If you want the report to display as a widget on your Home Page, select [Create a link to this Search on the Homepage]

Now select the columns you would like to included in the report.

To change the order of the columns use the blue up and down arrows, select the field you wish to move, click the up or down arrow until the field is in the correct position, Use the red cross to delete a field

Click Finish, your report is now ready.

To access your reports in the future:

  • Open [Contacts] or [Tasks] from the system menu and click Saved Reports

  • Or access it from your Home Page (if you had selected to add it to Home Page).

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