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My Listing Report

Get valuable feedback on how your property listings are performing in the Network.

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What is My Listing Report?

My Listing Report will give you an analysis of your own agency’s property listings and how they are performing on the Network.

The report will provide valuable feedback that you can give to your property owners, as well as give you a guide to how interesting your listing is to other agents. For example: many clicks to see more details, or a high number of times another agent has sent your property to one of their clients will let you know you have a "hot" listing, while on the other hand if the numbers are low it could be an indicator that you might need to improve the listing content.

What will the My Listing Report results tell me?

The report will display statistics relating to the number of times the following actions have been performed on a particular listing:

  • Impressions
    The property has appeared in a property search (Network-wide)

  • Clicks
    An agent has clicked on the property to see more details

  • Prints
    A window card has been printed

  • Manual Emails
    The property has been included in an email sent by an agent

  • Profile Emails
    The property has been included in a Profile Match email to agents and their clients

  • Whatsapp
    The property has been sent to someone using the Whatsapp function.

How can I create a Listing Report?

  1. Click [Reports] on the system menu

  2. Click [Listing Report]

  3. Select an option from [List Type] OR select the [All Company Properties] tickbox to include all List Types

  4. Enter a date range, click on the date fields to select from and to dates from the calendar.  The [from] and [to] dates will be set by default to the dates of your earliest and latest listings

  5. Select a [Type] or leave blank to report on all property types

  6. Click in the [Status] text box to add or remove property statuses.  Leaving the text box blank means No Preference and the report results will include all property statuses

  7. Click [Run Report] to view, or [Save Report] to save your report to use in the future.

When viewing the report:

  • Use the [Show] drop-down to select to display up to 20 lines per page and the navigation arrows to go to next page.

  • Click column headings to sort the list up or down.

  • Click the [Edit Report] button to change your report selections.

Important notes about Listing Reports

  • This is a new feature in the system and analytics will be available for dates from beginning of October 2021 and onwards, information will not be available for earlier date ranges.

  • Report analytics are recalculated once a day (during the night), they are not calculated in real time.

Can I save a report?

Yes, you can save a report by following the numbered instructions above and in Step 7 click [Save Report], type in a name for the report and click [Save].

To use a previously saved report, click the [Saved Reports] drop-down menu and select.

Can I see this information anywhere else?

Yes, these statistics will also display on the Property Details page of your own listings.

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