Showing my company details to other agents

What do they see?

Apart from your company details that show on the Members List, when other agents look at your shared listings, they can click on the Agent Info tab and by default the system displays your company details and a list of all company staff that have a ReSales-Online user account.

If some of your staff are not relevant to property sales or viewings, you might like to hide their details from other agents to avoid the agent contacting the wrong person, this is imperative for hassle-free collaboration.

What options are available?

Showing your Company Contact information is obligatory and these details will always display to other agents, so be sure to keep your main telephone, email address and website up-to-date. Click here to see how to check and edit your company info.

Regarding displaying user information, you have the following options:

  • Display All Users (system default)

  • Display Selected Users

  • Display the Lister/Viewings users on each of your properties

  • Display NO staff members and only show your company contact details

How can I change my Agent Info tab settings?

You need to have Administrator privileges to perform this function.

Click [My Account]

Click the [Company Settings] tab

Scroll down to the heading that says: Agent Info Tab

Note your current selection on the right-hand column

To make a change to the settings, click the [Edit] button

A new window will display, now depending on what you want, do one of the following actions:

The users I want to show ...

How to do it

All Users

All company users will display on all of your property listings

  • Select the tickbox, then select [All Users] from the drop-down list

  • Click [Save]

Selected Users

All users you select will display on all of your property listings

  • Select the tickbox, then select [Selected Users] from the drop-down list

  • Tick all staff names you want to display, and untick any that you do not want to display

  • Click [Save]


Only the users selected on the [Listed by] and [Viewings] fields of each property will be displayed

  • Select the tickbox, then select [Lister/Viewings] from the drop-down list

  • Click [Save]

Be sure you have the correct users selected in the [Listed By] and [Viewings] fields on your properties


Display NO staff members

Only show the public company details I have in the [Company] tab in the system

  • Untick the tickbox, the drop-down list will go grey

  • Click [Save]

After you click [Save] your new selection will display on the Company Settings tab.

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