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Bank repossessions - can I list and share them?
Bank repossessions - can I list and share them?

Yes you can list them, but sharing with other agents will depend on if you are an authorised bank lister or not.

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I am listing via 3rd party websites or collaborators - NO you cannot share

  • If you are sourcing your repossession properties from portals or websites, or via another agent or collaborator, then you CANNOT SHARE these listings.

  • These Not Shared properties will be available only to your agency and you can choose if you wish to display them on your website/portals.

I am an authorised agent for a bank or similar entity - YES you can share

  • To share bank repossessions we must first verify you as an Authorised Lister for the bank or entity. Start a chat with Customer Support to get going and attach a copy of your contract or contracts if you work with more than one bank.

How can I share a bank repossession property with other agents?

Once you have been verified as an authorised bank lister, we will add the bank name to your account and you will be able to share bank repossessions on the Network.

  1. Add or Edit a property

  2. Click the [Features] tab

  3. Select [Repossession] at the bottom of the page under the heading Category

  4. A pop-up will appear, click the bank name from the [-- Select --] text box

  5. Click [Save]

  6. Ensure that the [Shared] tickbox has been selected

  7. Complete and [Save] the property

If your bank repossession property has different commission percentages dependent on certain conditions - click to read this article.

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