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How can I change the status and/or sharing of my property?
How can I change the status and/or sharing of my property?

How to set the status of your properties: share with other agents and websites, or mark it is sold or under offer, etc.

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You can change the status or sharing of your properties at any time, either while adding a new property, or by editing a current listing.

Setting the Status

(If adding a new property, once you have added all the details: skip to step 3)

  1. Search for the property

  2. Click [Edit Property]

  3. Click the [Status] drop-down arrow and select one of the options: Listing, Available, Under Offer, Sale Agreed, Sold, or Off Market

  4. Click [Save].

Note: if you change the status to SOLD, a page will display asking how the property was sold, this information is stored for your agency and can be later accessed via [Summaries] on the system menu and then select [Sales History].

Setting the sharing of your property with other agents

To select the Shared tickbox on your listings, first, your listing MUST be in Listing status (see above).

Once in Listing status, you can select the “Shared” tickbox and “Show in Other Agent’s Websites” accordingly.

Once set, change the status to Available and [Save].

Setting a property as Not Shared with other agents

  1. Edit the property

  2. Click on the "Pricing" tab

  3. Untick the "Shared" Tickboxes (see image below)

  4. Click Save

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