After upgrading to, or reactivating, a Network account the following will happen to your property listings:

  • New property ID References (Rxxx references) will be automatically assigned to all your listings

  • All your listings will be automatically set to Listing Status.

How can I view my properties in Listing Status?

  • Click [Home] on the left-hand menu.


  • Click on the [Show Me] button beside [x ReSale Properties are still in Listing Status].

  • If you have rental properties, click on the [Show Me] button beside [x Rental Properties are still in Listing Status].

  • While your properties are in Listing Status they are not viewable by other agents and will not appear in your own company searches for Available properties. Follow the next steps to be able to share them with other agents.

What do I have to do with my listings?

Edit each individual property and:

  • Confirm the property's availability by selecting the correct Status: Available, Off Market, Sold, Under Offer, or Sale Agreed. If unsure, leave the Status as Listing until you can confirm.

  • Select the appropriate Sharing tickboxes.

  • Check that price and commission amounts are correct.

  • [Save] the changes.

  • Your properties will display as Q-Available until they are verified by ReSales-Online admin.

What happens next?

  • Your listings that are set to Available, Under Offer or Sale Agreed AND the Shared tickbox is selected will be verified by ReSales-Online Admin and added to the shared database.

  • This process is usually done same day, however allow up to 48 hours for busy periods or weekends.

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