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A guide to the PropExtra property portal
A guide to the PropExtra property portal
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What is PropExtra?

PropExtra is our own property portal that allows ReSales-Online members to display their listings to the general public. Both Network and Standalone accounts can display their properties on PropExtra and will receive enquiries from interested parties directly to the dashboard on the ReSales-Online system.

All PropExtra activity (properties to add/remove and leads from the site) is easily managed via your ReSales-Online system.

How to add an individual property to PropExtra

Properties must be your direct listings (not from another agency):

  1. While adding a new listing in ReSales-Online, or editing an existing one

  2. Select the PropExtra tickbox on the [Details] tab

  3. Ensure you have added the correct cadastral reference

  4. When all listing details are complete, select [Available] from the Status dropdown and click [Save]

  5. Your listing will be given a separate PropExtra reference which will be displayed beside the system R Ref.

Note that Available Not Shared and Available Duplicate properties will display on PropExtra.

How to remove an individual property from PropExtra

To remove a property from PropExtra, simply edit the property and unselect the PropExtra tickbox and click [Save].

How can I push all my current and future listings to PropExtra automatically?

To ensure that ALL your listings are published on the portal automatically (both current Available and future listings), simply select Show your properties on PropExtra in your [Company Settings] ⚙️ .

By selecting this setting, the [Show in PropExtra] tickbox will be automatically checked on all your current listings and it will be checked when you go to add a new property. This way no listing will slip through the net.

If there are individual listings that you DON'T want to display, you can edit them individually and untick the box.

Why isn't my property showing on the portal?

If it's not on PropExtra and you think it should be, check that you have met all the criteria in the above section. Note that properties in Listing Status won't display.

How can I see which of my properties are showing on PropExtra (or not)?

  1. From the system menu, click [Properties]

  2. Click [New Search]

  3. Specify No Preference in Area

  4. Click [More Options]

  5. Select from the [PropExtra] dropdown

  6. Click [Search]

Why are there duplicates on PropExtra?

Like all portals, agents can publish their portfolio to PropExtra, irrespective of if the property is shared or not on ReSales Online provided that the property is their direct listing and has a validated cadastral reference.

Managing your PropExtra leads

Where will I see my PropExtra enquiries?

When someone makes an enquiry for one of your properties on the PropExtra portal, their details will be sent directly to your ReSales-Online home page.

  • Go to [Actions Which Need Your Company's Attention]

  • Click [Leads from PropExtra need assigning to a salesperson]

  • A list will display.

You now need to assign the leads to a salesperson.

To view a lead prior to assigning it, click on the lead from the list and hover your cursor over the "Contact" name displayed.

To assign one lead

  1. Click on the lead to be assigned

  2. Select a user's name from the [Task Owner] dropdown list

  3. Click [Save]

  4. The web enquiry will appear on the assigned user's Task list.

To assign more than one lead at a time (Mass Update)

  1. Select the leads to be assigned by marking the tickbox to the left of each lead, or select all by marking the tickbox at the top of the list

  2. Select Mass Update from the [Actions] dropdown list at the top of the page

  3. Select the [Task Owner] tickbox

  4. Select a user name from the dropdown list

  5. Click [Save]

  6. The web enquiry will appear on the assigned user's Task list.


If you need help, start a chat with our Customer Support team.

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