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How can I export my properties to a property portal?
How can I export my properties to a property portal?

We have feeds so you can send your own direct listings automatically to property portals with which you have a contract.

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What do I need to send my properties to a portal?

You will need to have:

  1. A contract with the portal you wish to send properties to.

  2. Your own direct listings uploaded to ReSales-Online.

  3. A feed (url link) in a format that the portal will accept.

  4. Note that it is prohibited to send other agent's listings to your property portal account.

Below you will find a list of specific portal feeds that we can provide, if your portal is not in the list, then you should request a generic ownproperties feed.

Property portal feeds available on request

  • A Place In The Sun

  • Affidata

  • Daft Ie

  • European Property

  • Friday Ads

  • Global Property Guide

  • Greenacres (We will require your Greenacres user account number)

  • Homes Overseas

  • ** Idealista (We will require your Idealista importing code)

  • ** Fotocasa

  • InSpainProperty

  • ** Kyero

  • Lead Galaxy


  • ** Property Showrooms

  • ** Spainhouses

  • The Move Channel

  • Thinkspain

How can I request a feed?

To request a feed, a user with Administrator privileges must start a chat with Customer Support and let them know which portal or portals you need a feed for.

When your feed is ready we will give you instructions on how to access the feed url so that you can send it to the portal.

What properties will be included in the feed?

Portals in the above list without **

Each time the portal executes your feed it will always contain ALL of your currently Available directly listed properties on that day.

  • We cannot provide feeds for these portals that contain only a certain number of properties.

  • if you want to customise what you send to the portal, we suggest that you check with the particular portal to see if their admin interface will allow you to select or restrict certain properties.

Portals marked with ** in the above list (Kyero, Fotocasa, Idealista, InSpainTV, Property Showrooms, SpainHouses)

With these portals, you have the flexibility to choose which properties you send:

  • When the feed is created, all your own properties with an Available status on that day will be flagged to be included in the feed.

  • Going forward from that day, you MUST manually select the portal tickbox on new properties that you add to the system.

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