What is an incremental feed?

An incremental property feed is a feed containing only new and updated network properties.

  • When an incremental property feed is run for the first time, it will contain all available properties at the time it is run.

  • When the incremental feed is subsequently run, it will contain any new properties added to the system since the feed was last run, together with existing properties which have been updated since the feed was last run.

  • Existing properties which have not changed since the feed was last run will not be included in the feed.

What is a non-incremental feed?

A non-incremental property feed is a feed containing all available properties at the time it is run.

  • The most common non-incremental feeds are used to supply an agent's properties to property portals.

  • Examples of non-incremental feeds to portals include Kyero, ThinkSpain, InSpainTV, SpainHouses, Property Showrooms, Ibuscando, and Green-Acres.

  • A generic OwnProperties feed containing an agent's properties can also be supplied.

If you are already using our XML feed

  • Agencies that use our XML incremental feed containing other agencies listings are obliged to keep their website(s) up-to-date. This means that the feed to your website should be executed nightly to ensure that any changes on the shared database during the day will be correctly reflected on your website for the next day. Please check with your web developer that this is being done, and let us know if you or your web developer have any questions about this. Agents that do not keep their websites updated run the risk of having their XML feed stopped.


  • Any incremental feeds that are inactive for 60 days will automatically be shut down and will not be reactivated.

  • The above does not apply to you if you use our WebAPI or an iFrame on your website because with these methods your website is updated in real time.

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