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XML Feeds - common questions
XML Feeds - common questions
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What do I need an XML for?

XML feeds are intended to export properties:

  1. To send properties to your website (RESALES@ and RENTALS@ feeds)

  2. Send your own properties to a specific named portal. (i.e: Kyero feed)

  3. Send your own properties to your website or transfer it to a 3rd party application (Own Properties feed)

How do I set up my feed?

When your account is created, a Kyero feed is automatically made available to you.
To activate incremental RESALES@/RENTALS@ and/or OWNPROPERTIES@ feeds, contact our Customer Support team.

How can I access my feeds?

Each feed can be accessed through an URL. To locate your active XML feeds:

  1. Click [My Account] at the top of the Home Page.

  2. Click the [Feeds] tab.

  3. Locate the heading Outgoing XML Feeds.

What is an incremental feed?

An incremental property feed is a feed containing only new and updated network properties.

  • When an incremental property feed is run for the first time, it will contain all available properties at the time it is run.

  • When the incremental feed is subsequently run, it will contain any new properties added to the system since the feed was last run, together with existing properties which have been updated since the feed was last run.

  • Existing properties which have not changed since the feed was last run will not be included in the feed.

What does my web developer need to do to populate my website?

To populate your website with ReSales-Online properties, your web developer needs to code a script that will regularly download the incremental feed. It needs to add, update and delete properties to/from your website database.

A property does not appear on my website. Why?

If a property you have seen on ReSales-Online is not included in the feed, it could be due to several reasons:

  1. The listing agent has decided not to show the property on other agents' websites.

  2. The feed you are downloading only shows properties of a different area.

  3. The filters you applied to the XML do not match with the property attributes.

Contact Customer Support if any of the above assumptions is not the case.

One of my properties set to Off Market is still showing on other agent's websites

Changes made on Resales-Online are not reflected instantly on agents' websites fed through XML. Agents download their feeds outside office hours (6PM-10AM) and their websites are only updated when the download has been successfully completed. It could be the case that an agent does not update their website on a daily basis.

Contact Customer Support if you notice old properties are still showing on other websites.

My website is not in sync with the Resales-Online database. How can I solve it?

If your import script fails or your database is simply not up-to-date with the Resales-Online database, you could need to do a full clean load. You can always reset your incremental feed and download all properties again from scratch. You will need to contact Customer Support and they will allow you to reset the feed.

My import script fails to download the XML

When downloading the feed for the first time, it could be the case that thousands of properties will be sent through. To avoid timeout issues because the XML feed is too big, we recommend that you paginate the feed in steps of max. 500 properties. Your import script will need to execute the provided URL several times until all properties have come through.

How can I filter my XML?

You can control the content of your XML feed by adding parameters to the provided URL. Click here to see our parameter list for this particular feed.

Not all properties are showing?

Are you sure you removed the Sandbox parameter?

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