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We are a property Portal, can we have a feed?
We are a property Portal, can we have a feed?

Yes, we provide portal feeds which allow each agent to publish their own directly listed properties.

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If you are a property portal your client, the estate agent, must provide the url for their property feed directly to you.

How does the agent get the feed?

  1. The member agent must raise a chat with our Customer Support team and request a feed giving us the name of your portal.

  2. We will give instructions to the agent on how to access their feed and they in turn will forward the url to you.

What kind of feed will we give the agent?

We will provide them with either a bespoke feed if we have one for your portal; or a generic OWNPROPERTIES feed.

Bespoke feeds

We have a number of feeds that have been written to a portal's own specification. These feeds will only work for the portal it is meant for. Bespoke portal feeds also only contain the agents direct listings. Click here to see our list of bespoke portal feeds.


An OWNPROPERTIES feed is similar in format to a Kyero V2.1 feed. This feed contains the agent's current and available direct listings. See the example below so that your technical team can assess it for compatibility with your system:

Sample output for the XML feed

The numbers of property features and photos are variable depending on the property. We can provide you with a list of property features used by the Resales Online system and, as you can see from the above example, each feature text entry is separated by a '-' : the left hand side is what we call the feature 'Category', and the right hand side is the feature itself.


Our Terms and Conditions state that:

  • Member Agents are prohibited from sending any of our feeds that contain listings from other estate agents to property portals.

  • Property portals are only authorised to accept property feeds from individual agents that contain the agent’s own direct property listings.

  • Property portals are prohibited from accepting and implementing our full database feeds.

  • Misuse of RESALES-ONLINE feeds by a property portal can lead to legal action.

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