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Property Imports to ReSales-Online: Functionality and Rules
Property Imports to ReSales-Online: Functionality and Rules

Describes the most common questions regarding setting up a recurring property import from 3rd party sources e.g. a CRM to ReSales-Online.

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1. What is a Recurrent Import?

It is an automated process that allows you to import your properties to ReSales-Online from a third party application.
The Resales-Online Import system is executed once a day, every day.

On every execution, the system compares the XML data against the data received in the previous day. This comparison detects changes and will update each property.

These executions work with XML feeds, which you obtain from the third party application and send to us.

Note: Please see below the list of third-party applications we import from.

1.1. Agency responsibility

This is an automated system and we have mechanisms in place to detect incorrect practices, but we rely on your collaboration to maintain good quality network listings.

Please, do not bypass the terms and conditions of our import system:

  • Do not include URLs, contacts, addresses, agency names, or other private information in the descriptions.

  • Images cannot have watermarks.

  • Do not include New Developments properties or third-party listings.

If we detect any incorrect practices, we may have to disable the import.

Limitations: Images of an imported property can’t be edited in Resales-Online. These should be changed from the source (site/portal).

2. How can I request an import?

Fill in this form and our IT department will contact you to set up the import feed.

The form required all the data for us to set up your import system, such as:

  • Add to PropExtra by default: The import system will add your properties to our PropExtra portal by default if you wish. What is PropExtra?

  • Default Lister User: This User will receive a daily report of the import executions. The Import system needs to know who to assign as Property Listing agent on a property by default in the event this information is missing from the XML feed or the Property Listing agent in the XML feed does not have a User account on Resales-Online.

  • Default Values: These will be used by default in the event the information is not included in the XML feed.

There is a configuration that will obtain the address field data by default from the cadastral reference if the address field is empty. This configuration can be forced so that it always takes the address from the cadastral reference and ignores the address field.

2.1. Supported Formats and third-party applications

Supported XML Formats:

  • ReSales-Online Format

  • Infocasa Format

  • Kyero (Version 3)

  • InmoWeb Format


  • Inmoba

  • Infocasa

  • Optima CRM

  • Real2Soft

  • Property Base

  • Inmoenter

  • Inmoweb

3. I completed the request form, what's next?

From your source, you should be able to select the properties you wish to import to Resales-Online (to include them in the XML feed).
Best check and consult with your developer or the source (site/portal) on how to do this.

Our IT department will finish the configuration of your import feed and notify you.

First import execution

The first execution of imports to Resales-Online is very important because it generates a base context. The following daily executions will continue from this context.

If the agency already has listings uploaded to Resales-Online: this first import execution connects the existing property listings to their correspondent property in the XML feed. This connection can only be done ONCE on the FIRST IMPORT EXECUTION.

Important note:
In the first import, the system will verify if the properties are already on Resales-Online and will update them.
However, in the following (daily) executions, if any property was not included in the previous day’s import, it is considered as a new listing (so it could end up being a duplicate).

Therefore, we recommend that you select from the source (site/portal) all the properties that are already uploaded to Resales before we perform the first execution, and make sure that you have filled in the "Agency reference" field for each Resales-Online property (with the same property reference you have on the source).


Resales-Online Agency Reference number field.

It should coincide with the reference number in the XML feed.

Before we execute the feed, we will check and send you a report (simulation of this first import execution) where we give you a list of the properties from XML that will be connected to an existing Resales-Online property.

If the agency doesn’t have listings uploaded to Resales-Online: we just need your confirmation to run this first import without connecting any existing properties. The properties in the XML will be inserted as New properties in Resales-Online. You can either add them all to the XML or bit by bit.

4. I already have a recurrent Import, where can I find it?

You’ll find your import feed in your Admin Agent Feeds Tab.

To access import property feeds that have been configured.

  1. Click [My Account] ⚙️ at the top-right of the Home Page.

  2. Click the [Feeds] tab. (A list of your feeds will appear.)

  3. Find Header “Incoming XML Feeds”

NOTE: You must have Administrator privileges to access My Account.

5. FAQs

5.1. Why can’t some properties be shared? | Why do some properties remain in Listing status?

Properties need to meet certain requirements in order to be shared on the Resales-Online network.
These are the same requirements as when a property is manually uploaded to Resales-Online.

Therefore, there are certain fields that cannot be empty.

If any of your properties are not set to Available status and/or cannot be shared, it may be for this reason.

Make sure the following fields, which are often overlooked, are included in your feed properties (from the source). In the following table are the common fields, such as (address, price, property type, location or images)

Sometimes, a property can be set to “Available” status, but not shared with other members (Shared checkbox is not ticked). This may be because the property is already listed in Resales-Online by another agent and your version is marked as a duplicate.

If this is the case, don’t worry, your property will be shared on search 2.0 results (showed as a duplicate). However, on search 1.0 results it cannot be shared due to it being a duplicate.

5.2. Import Report Emails

The daily Import Report Emails will show the following information (about the daily executions):

First Section of the report shows how many properties there are and how they have been processed in the current import execution.

  • Properties processed: Properties received from the feed, that have been processed in the current execution.

  • New properties added: Properties that in today’s execution have been inserted as new listings in Resales-Online. (It is the first time those properties appear in the feed.)

  • Properties without changes: Properties already imported on previous executions, in today’s execution they come without changes in the feed, (same feed data than last execution). Therefore the Import system hasn’t updated them.

  • Properties updated: Properties already imported on previous executions, in today’s execution there is a change in the feed, (different feed data than last execution). Therefore Import System has updated them accordingly.

  • Off Market properties: Properties already imported on previous executions, in today’s execution they don’t come in the feed. Therefore Import System has set them to Off-Market.

Second section describes how many properties (shared requested) can not be shared in the current execution.
This list only includes NEW or UPDATED properties of the current execution.


In the same way, below this first section, you may see another similar list of how many properties could not be added to PropExtra in the current execution.

Both lists include the following property information:
Resales-Online Reference (Agency Reference): The missing fields required so the listing can be shared.

IMPORTANT: Properties with missing data from a previous day's import will NOT be reported again in the current day's import report.

To fix missing data, you will need to refer to the import reports from previous individual days.

5.3 What happens if I downgrade to Standalone?

When an account is downgraded to Standalone the daily import is deactivated. The properties will remain under your account but without daily updates.

In case you move back to a Network account, the daily import will be reinstated, however you have to request to be reconnected by contacting Customer Support.

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