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Software Licencing Agreement - ReSales-Online
Software Licencing Agreement - ReSales-Online
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Software Licencing Agreement

This licence agreement is a legal agreement between you, hereinafter the Member Agent, and ReSales Andalucia SL, hereinafter ReSales Andalucia, for use of our web-based software service, hereinafter ReSales-Online. Both parties recognise themselves and each other capable and with authority to issue and execute this agreement. When signing up for and while using ReSales-Online, the Member Agent agrees to comply with and be bound by this agreement together with any other documents referred to therein. If you do not agree, you must not use ReSales-Online and in this case we are unwilling to license RESALES-ONLINE and will withhold access.

ReSales Andalucia reserves the right to amend this agreement from time to time. Any changes will be posted on this website; your continued use of ReSales-Online after posting will constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to, any changes. Specific additional services that we may offer, or make available to you, may also be governed by additional or alternative terms and conditions.


  1. The purpose of ReSales-Online, a product created by ReSales Andalucia, is to allow the Member Agent to list, search for, promote and sell properties through use of the RESALES-ONLINE property sharing database, either on their own or in collaboration with other Member Agents.

  2. ReSales-Online will only be used for the purposes as described above, any other use of RESALES-ONLINE will be deemed a breach of this agreement.

  3. Access to ReSales-Online will be withdrawn immediately upon termination of this agreement irrespective of the cause of termination.

  4. ReSales Andalucia is released from all liability in the case of system or access problems. However, we will take all steps and do our best to provide a running system.

  5. User actions in ReSales-Online will be logged. The Member Agent authorises the production and use of these user action logs as needed for the normal running of our business, or in the case of any dispute.

  6. The Member Agent agrees to not use any external software to access ReSales-Online data.

Account Requirements

  1. A ReSales-Online account holder must be an estate agent. They can be either a company or sole-trader, with their main agency business being conducted in Spain.

  2. The Member Agent agrees that they may be required to show proof that they are correctly registered with the Tax Department or Social Security to work as an estate agent.

  3. Member Agents must provide a corporate email address with a domain name that matches the public trading name provided. Free email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc will not be accepted.

  4. Access to RESALES-ONLINE will not be granted to property portals.

Types of Accounts and Services


A Network account is a paid subscription account that provides full access to ReSales-Online and allows the Member Agent to manage their own properties, clients and daily tasks, upload eligible properties to the PropExtra portal, view other Member Agent’s properties on the shared database, and network with the member agents.


A Standalone account is a free account that allows the Member Agent to manage their own properties, clients, daily tasks, and upload eligible properties to the PropExtra portal. It does not include networking access to ReSales-Online.


An account holder (Network only) can open a Sub-Office Account which will be linked to their main account in the case that they have more than one office for the same business:

  1. The sub-office account name must be the same as the main office name plus a location, or number, eg:“My Real Estate - Marbella”, or “My Real Estate - office 3”.

  2. The sub-office must display the same logo and website as the main office.

  3. Fees for the sub-office will be added to the main account invoice.

  4. A Sub-Office subscription will be charged on the basis of the number of user licences on the account, the minimum charge for a sub-office will be the price of 1 user licence.


The New Developments Module is a separate module available to both Network and Standalone accounts on a subscription basis and provides Member Agents with access to information on new build and off plan developments direct from the developer or their Master agent.


Propextra is our own property portal and once you load your properties into ReSales-Online you can publish them directly to the portal. Available to both Network and Standalone Accounts.

User Access

  1. Member Agents hold the sole responsibility for granting, restricting, or cancelling user access to their ReSales-Online company account.

  2. Member Agents will only grant access to ReSales-Online to persons directly employed by their company.

  3. Member Agents and their staff are individually and solely responsible for preserving the secrecy of their user account login details.

  4. User account passwords are NOT stored or retained by ReSales Andalucia. In the case of loss of login details, passwords cannot be retrieved and the user must reset their password. A password reset link will only be sent to the email address registered on the user account.

  5. The Member Agent excludes ReSales Andalucia from any liability relating to unauthorized access to ReSales-Online.

  6. We strongly stress the importance of the Member Agent's responsibility to protect their data by immediately deleting or deactivating a user account should a staff member leave their employ.

  7. We recommend a company password reset for all user accounts in the case of a staff member leaving the company.

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