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SandBox parameter on XML Feeds
SandBox parameter on XML Feeds

Technical information regarding the SandBox parameter for your web developer.

Updated over a week ago

The list of available Feeds is available in the “My Account” Section (blue settings icon, top right), in the “Feeds” tab.

Each feed listed has a name and a corresponding URL, the displayed URL already contains the parameter: &SandBox=TRUE.

What does the SandBox parameter do?

If the URL is executed with &SandBox=TRUE, the amount of properties returned by the feed is limited to 200.

Why is the parameter needed?

This parameter was introduced for WebSite developing purposes.

When a website is under development, the Sandbox Parameter will make it easier and faster because the processing time will be reduced.

Especially, if the website requires All Network properties (incremental feed), each execution will change the number of properties left to download (moves the “pointer”). The &SandBox=TRUE not ONLY limits the amount of properties returned, it also does NOT move the “pointer”, meaning the amount of properties left to be returned will be always the same.

Note: Some instant message software generates a preview anytime an URL is posted. The parameter &SandBox=TRUE will prevent any undesired execution when copy/paste Incremental feeds URL.

Can I remove the parameter?

For Portals:
The parameter can safely be removed, and it’s important you inform the portals to remove it, otherwise not all your properties will be exported.

For WebSites:
Best do not remove it until it’s on a Live Websites (production environment).
But it’s IMPORTANT to remove the parameter &SandBox=TRUE to get the full Feed Data.

Special Considerations

If the N parameter is missing and there are more than 10,000 properties to download, the output will be same as Using SandBox=TRUE.
Click here for the full parameters list for XML export Feeds

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