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How can I show properties on my website?
How can I show properties on my website?
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There are various methods that you can use to show properties on your website.  Best to discuss the information below with your web developer to decide which is the best option for your website.

What properties do you want to display to your clients on your website?

WebAPI (recommended)

This option pulls the data on a real-time basis.

  • Your web developer would need to setup server to server requests to pull properties onto your site without the need for a database, see the following articles which explain what you will need to setup to pull the properties correctly.

  •  Your web developer would have to build your own search function for this option.

  • The WebAPI should not be used to populate a database as it does not contain the functionality to return updates only.

  • If using a CMS site (Contact Management System such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc), you will need to use a custom-built plug-in to implement the API.  There are web developers who have already developed a plug-in specifically for this use
    (these may not be available from the WordPress Plugin Store, but should be available directly from the developer's website).


  • iFrames are only available for Network accounts.

  • Provides no SEO and is non-responsive (eg: it is a set size and will not adapt to mobile phone or tablet screens).

  • iFrames use old technology and as a result they provide limited functionality.

  • The location structure will only work on areas, will not work with Provinces.

  • Easy to implement (drag and drop), recommended for non-technical users creating their own websites.

XML Feeds

  • Requires a database.

  • Property information on your website will not be in real-time.

  • XML feeds need to be programmed to run each night to update your website database, they cannot be executed during the day.

  • The full database feed is incremental; after the full feed has been executed for the first time, subsequent executions will only return property changes, additions and deletions to your database. The full database feed will NOT WORK with website creation applications such as Wix, 1&1, Wordpress, etc.

  • The OwnProperties and New Developments feeds are not incremental and will load all properties on every execution of the feed.


  • Technical support is ONLY available for professional web developers.

  • If you have a Standalone account you are not authorized to populate your website search function with the full shared database.  Your chosen search function will only contain your own listings.

  • To have access to the full database of other agents' properties, contact us about upgrading to a Network account.

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