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RTA number for holiday rental properties
RTA number for holiday rental properties

Add the RTA number to your holiday rentals to comply with the law when you publish them on the internet or send info to clients.

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What is an RTA number?

RTA numbers are special reference numbers given by the Andalusian Regional Government to private holiday rental properties in Andalusia. Property owners must apply to the government for an RTA number which will legally allow them to accept short term rentals. The law is called the Decree 28/2016 of 2nd February 2016 and among other things, it gives holiday-makers the assurance that their holiday property will provide certain quality and safety features.

An RTA number will have this type of format VTA/MA/012345 and must be displayed in ALL publicity and promotional material through any media.

How do I include the RTA number in my holiday rental listing?

You will find the RTA text box on the [Details] tab of a property listing, underneath the Agency Refs area.

This number will only display on the property when an agent does a search for Short Term Rentals.

How can I see the RTA number on a short-term rental property?

  • In ReSales-Online it will display at the top of the property details page beside the system reference number.

  • On it will display under the property photo.

  • It will be available on the Mobile version in a future release.



Which window cards should I use to display the RTA number?

Currently the RTA number will appear on window cards number 39, 40 and 41 and also on Email Format 4.

Will the RTA number export to my website?

That will depend on how you populate your website, see below.


Yes, the RTA number will export to your site ONLY if you are using V6 of the WebAPI and use the p_RTA parameter. Click here to search for info on this parameter.

XML Feed

Yes, it can be included on the OWNPROPERTIES, PROPERTYBACKUP and RESALES feeds. You will have to ask your web developer to add the ShowRTA parameter to your feed. Click here for the full parameter list.


No, this feature is not available on iFrames.

What about my property imports into ReSales-Online?

We are currently updating our import feed to include the RTA number, it will be included in the near future.

Any questions?

Check-in with Customer Support if you need any more information.

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