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Sending an AMS
Sending an AMS

Learn all about sending messages, who will see them, and rules for publishing

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To send an AMS message:

Click [AMS] on the platform menu, then click [Send Message].

Select the appropriate message type.

Follow the instructions below depending on which message category you have selected.

Check your message and then click SEND.

  • I have a property for sale or rent (Spain)

  1. Enter the property reference ID number in the [Validate] text box
    (The property you want to send must be in Available Status with the Shared tickbox selected)

  2. Click [Validate]

  3. The message text box with populate with a thumbnail photo of the property and a brief description. Enter more information in the mail message if you want.

  4. If you want to offer a property from a country outside of Spain, advertise it in the General Messages section and ensure that you include the ReSales-Online property Reference Number.

  • I have a contact looking to buy or rent a property

  1. Select the correct Province

  2. Select up to 30 locations of interest to your client. Either start typing the location name in the text box, or click the menu icon in the text box and select.

  3. Add a relevant subject line for your message and type your message into Mail Message text box.

  • General Message

  1. Type in a subject line for your message

  2. Type your message into the Mail Message text box

Rules about message frequency and content

  1. A property can only be published on AMS once a week (7 days from date of publication)

  2. Three messages per day for "offer" categories: [I have a property which is for sale or rent] (combined)

  3. No number restrictions for message types: [I have a contact looking to buy or rent], or [General Message]

  4. The General Messages section is open for communications of special interest to the real estate community that are not property-related (except for property outside of Spain).

  5. DO NOT post Properties for Sale or Rent, or Property Requests for your clients in the General Messages section (select the correct message type).

  6. DO NOT post inappropriate content, slander, or hearsay concerning a 3rd party.

  7. DO NOT advertise 3rd party services.

  8. Abuse of these rules will lead to your agent account being blocked from using the AMS.

When will my message be published?

  • It will be immediately available to all users via the platform; and

  • It will be included in the next scheduled bulk email which are sent out daily at 9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm. The messages in the daily emails are displayed under each category in order of time of publication eg: the 3pm email will contain all messages published after the 12noon email and up to 3pm.
    The date and time of publication is displayed under each message.

Can I delete or edit an AMS after I have published it?

Yes you can if the bin icon still appears beside your message in the ReSales-Online platform.

Delete an AMS

  1. Click [AMS] on the platform menu, click [View Messages], then locate your message

  2. Click the bin icon next to your original message to delete it
    (If the bin icon is not there it is because the message has already been published in an AMS email. Contact Customer Support if it is important to delete a message and you cannot)

Edit a message

You cannot directly edit an AMS message, however here is a work-around to save you re-typing if you have made a mistake in a message that you have just published.

  1. Click [AMS] on the platform menu, click [View Messages], then locate your message

  2. Copy the message text, and paste it to a text editor such as Word, Notepad, etc

  3. Close the AMS message window

  4. Click the bin icon next to your original message to delete it

  5. Make the required changes to the text that you copied to your text editor

  6. Go to [Send Message] and copy and paste the revised text to a new AMS message.

Who will see my messages?

  • AMS messages are available exclusively to ReSales-Online member agents.

  • If you have excluded an agency, or if an agency has excluded you, you will still be able to see each other's messages.

  • Your message will be viewable by other agents depending on if they have selected to exclude messages based on category or location. Eg: if an agent does not work with rentals and has set their preferences, then your rental messages will not be shown to that agent.

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