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How can I place a paid advertisement in the AMS emails?
How can I place a paid advertisement in the AMS emails?

Promote your business to more than 4,000 real estate professionals by placing a paid ad in our AMS daily emails

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What are AMS emails?

The AMS emails are our internal messaging service between ReSales-Online member agents. The emails have a high opening rate as they contain valuable and relevant real estate business content including:

  • Contacts Looking to Buy Property

  • Contacts Looking to Rent Property

  • Property for Sale

  • Property for Rent

  • General Messages (non property related messages of general interest)

AMS emails are delivered to our member agents 4 times a day, 7 days a week (9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm).

Ad types and prices


(width x height)

3 months (minimum order)


200 x 200 pixels

360€ +VAT

Banner - Header

700 x 150 pixels

750€ +VAT

Banner - Footer

700 x 150 pixels

600€ +VAT

Repeating an ad

To repeat an ad for a further 3 month period, you must confirm and pay for the new period at least 1 week before your current ad expires. Failure to do this could result in losing your ad position.

Ad positioning

  • Standard: up to 3 ads in a row within the body of the email at the end of the first AMS category "Contacts Looking to Buy Property". When there is more than 1 ad in this section, they will change position in each email

  • Banner - Header: at the top of the email

  • Banner - Footer: at the end of the email

Acceptable file formats

  • GIF (static or animated), BMP, JPEG, or PNG

  • Give us a website or landing page url to attach to the ad

I want to go ahead and place an ad

Fantastic, just start a chat with Customer Support and:

  • Attach your ad file and url

  • State when you would like the ad run to start

  • Ads must be paid for before we can publish them

  • If you are not a member agent, we will need your invoicing details

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