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What is the AMS?
What is the AMS?

Keep an eye on the daily messages so you don't miss out on potential business!

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Invaluable communication tool

The AMS (Agent Message Service) is exclusive to Network members and allows you to communicate on a daily basis with other member agents.

  • Promote your property listings, if you don't have a client chances are that a Network colleague will.

  • You have a client, but not the right property? Ask the Network, someone is sure to have the right property fit.

  • Got something you want to give a shout-out about? Send a general message about your open-house event, company cars or office equipment for sale, charity events you are involved in, or anything that would be of interest to the real estate community.

Start collaborating, if you don't ask .... you don't get that piece of the commission!

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Ready to Send an AMS message?

Learn how to manage the AMS messages, viewing them, replying to agents and more

Receiving too many AMS emails? set your email preferences to only receive emails that are relevant to your business.

Don’t want to receive AMS messages? Here’s how to unsubscribe

Do you know a business that might want to advertise their product or service to member agents?

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