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AMS preferences, what are they and how can I set them?
AMS preferences, what are they and how can I set them?

Customise the content of your daily AMS emails and receive only the types of messages or locations that are relevant to your business

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What are AMS preferences?

AMS Preferences allow you to control your AMS content (emails and on the platform), eg: If you only work in specific locations, or don’t do rental properties, you can filter your messages by telling the system which types of messages you want to receive and those that you don't.

AMS messages can be customised by message category, and/or geographical area.

If you don't set your preferences, the platform default for your AMS emails is to include all messages for the province where your office is located.

When you have set your preferences, when searching the AMS database in the platform you will have an extra tick box [My Preferred Messages] which when ticked will return message results that coincide with your set preferences. When the box is unticked, the search will return all messages.

How can I set my preferences?

  1. Click [AMS] on the platform menu

  2. Click [Preferences]

    1. Provinces will be listed on the left, click on the province for which you would like to customise your messages

  3. Click on a message type from the middle list

  4. Select from the right hand list:

    1. All Messages (this is the usual default setting); or

    2. No Messages;or

    3. select locations of interest by clicking on a location and dragging the mouse down to select a block, or hold the Ctrl button to select various individual locations or blocks of locations

  5. Repeat from Point 3 for different message types

  6. Click [Save Preferences] 

  7. Repeat from Point 2 for each province that you want to customise

  8. AMS emails will now only contain messages that coincide with your set preferences or tick My Preferred Messages when reading them from the platform.

Special note regarding other provinces

If your office is located in the Málaga province, you will receive messages related to that area; however there are many agents that will be interested in other locations such as Cádiz or Granada province.

If this is the case and you want to receive messages related to other provinces of interest, best check and update your AMS preferences.

If you need help with customising your AMS emails, start a chat with Customer Support.

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