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Managing AMS messages
Managing AMS messages

All about reading, replying to, and receiving the AMS messages

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Reading AMS messages

You can read AMS messages via the AMS emails or directly from the ReSales-Online platform (click [AMS] on the platform menu, then click [View Messages]).

Glancing at the list from the platform you can see if you have already opened the message or not: black type - read, blue type - unread. When you read a message, you can flag it as: replied to, interesting, archived, or any combination of the above. Blue icons will display on the list beside the messages you have flagged, eg: an envelope icon beside the messages that you have replied to.

To quickly get back to any of your flagged messages, use the [Filter] drop-down to select a category, or a combination of categories, eg:  Interesting and Not Replied To, list will adjust accordingly.

Replying to an AMS message

  • AMS email - click the [Reply] button on the message you are interested in.

  • ReSales-Online platform - click the message to open it, then click the [Reply to Message].

An email will open up addressed to the agent that published the message, simply write your reply and send.

I am not receiving the AMS emails

If you aren't receiving the daily AMS emails (and want to), check the following:

  1. Your user account must have the [Receive AMS] privilege enabled (someone with Administrator privileges will have to check this for you)

  2. The emails could be going into your Spam Folder, check if you have set any Spam rules to delete certain messages. You might need to whitelist our email address:, or our mail server: -

  3. Check your [AMS Preferences] settings - eg: If you have selected NO MESSAGES on all categories, you will not receive the emails

  4. If your email and website are hosted by or you may have issues receiving AMS emails. You'll need to login to your 1and1 account and find the Safe Senders List (or Whitelist) and add the following to it: and If you have any inquiries on how to do this, best to contact 1and1 directly.

General Messages

You have the option to hide the AMS General Messages on a company level, if you wish to do this:

  1. Click [My Account]

  2. Click the [Company Settings] tab

  3. Click [Edit]

  4. Select [Block all General AMS messages] to hide the messages

  5. Click [Save]

This means that no user in your company will be able to read or send a General AMS message. To change the setting and view the General messages again, follow the above steps and unselect [Block all General AMS messages].

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