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How do the Email Settings work?
How do the Email Settings work?
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How to manage your email preferences:

To send emails from Resales Online you need to configure your company's email settings. There are 2 options to choose from, we advise you to contact your webmaster to help guide you through the best option for your company.

Below is a list of the options available with a detailed description of each option.

1.  Option 1 (temporary)

For new accounts, ReSales Online will temporarily send emails from a ReSales Online Email address:
This allows agents to test the email functionality, however, after this the Email settings on the account will need configuring to send from your own email.

⚠️ Any replies to an email sent using this method will not be received.

2.  Send emails from a single Email account

This option will allow you to send all emails from your account from a single Email address, example: and all email replies from your clients will be received to this same address.

For you security we only require your smtp information and we will not accept your credentials if your incoming mail has the same password. To set this up you may require support from your webmaster.

3. Send emails from Individual email accounts per user

This option requires the emails login credentials for each user in the company. The emails sent from the system will be relayed through your mail server and will contain the actual users email address. E.g (John Smith).

⚠️ Special note to users of Zoho and Gmail please read this article on how to setup the Email preferences.

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