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What are Email Settings?
What are Email Settings?
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How does ReSales-Online send my emails?

For new accounts, ReSales Online will temporarily send emails from a ReSales Online Email address. This allows agents to test the email functionality, however, after this the Email settings on the account will need configuring to send from your own email.

Emails can be sent either from a single email address (all replies will go to that one address) OR, from individual emails per user, meaning that emails will be sent from each user's own Email.

Here is how you can change your settings

  • Click [My Account] at the top-right of the system page

  • Click the [Email Settings] tab

  • Select your preferred method

  • Complete the process by entering your Email address and Email password

  • Click [Next] and the system should locate the remaining SMTP details required.

  • You can test your settings by clicking the [Test Settings] button.

  • Once the test result is OK, Click [Save Settings]

You will need to log out and log back in to apply the changes

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