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How can I request an iFrame?
How can I request an iFrame?

An iFrame is one of the ways you can populate your website with properties for sale or rental.

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⚠️ iframes are only available for Network accounts.

To request an iFrame for your website, raise a chat from your account requesting an iFrame and provide the following information:

  1. iFrame content: Rental properties, properties for sale, or both?

  2. Only your own properties, or the full shared database?

  3. The URL of the website that the iFrame will appear on.

  4. The URL link to your privacy policy on your website.

  5. Required iFrame width (minimum 600px)?

  6. Colors required for each part of your iFrame: Background, Text, Page, Heading Text, Search box, Search box text, Border, Heading Table Text. In HEX, for example, white is #FFFFFF. Click on the following examples: Search Box, Results Page

  7. The URL for your website's Privacy Policy. To comply with data protection regulations, a consent tickbox will display on the iFrame's contact form "I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy". This will be linked to the URL you provide us.


  • Important -  iFrames are non-responsive and do NOT provide SEO

  • iFrames are only provided for member agencies.

  • The agency requesting the iFrame must own the domain/s of the website/s OR have the same contact information on the site as they have in our system. i.e. phone numbers and email addresses.

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