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How to manage your website enquiries
How to manage your website enquiries

If your website is configured to send property enquiries to your ReSales-Online CRM, this is how to view and assign them

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Where can I find my website enquiries?

When someone makes a property enquiry on your website, users with Lead Manager privileges will receive an email notification.

To view web leads use either of these options:

  • Go to [Actions Which Need Your Company's Attention] on your homepage
    Click the [Show Me] button on [Leads from your website need assigning to a Salesperson].

  • Search by Contact
    The inquiry email you receive contains the customer name and ID, search your Contacts by either name or ID.

When the contact name displays, click on the name to display the contact details the enquirer provided. These web leads will need to be assigned to a salesperson.

How can I assign a lead to a salesperson?

Assigning one lead at a time

  1. Click on the lead to be assigned and select a user from the [Owner] dropdown list.

  2. Click [Save].

Mass Update - assign more than one lead at a time

  1. Select the leads to be assigned by marking the tickbox to the left of each lead, or select All by marking the tickbox at the top of the list.

  2. Select Mass Update from the [Actions] dropdown list at the top of the page.

  3. Select the [Owner] tickbox, then select a user from the dropdown list.

  4. Click [Save].

Assigned web enquiries will appear on the user's Task list.


  • Only users with Administrator or Lead Manager privileges can view and assign web leads.

  • If your website is populated with an iFrame, web leads will automatically go to your CRM.

  • If you website is populated by XML or WebAPI you can decide if you want your web leads to go automatically to your CRM or not and will require input from your web developer.

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