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How can I send my properties to Idealista?
How can I send my properties to Idealista?

You must have an active contract with Idealista and get your Idealista download code.

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What do I have to do?

First, contact Idealista at to get your import code, the code will be a long string of numbers starting with ILC.

Then start a chat with us to request your IDEALISTA feed, and give us your ILC code.

That's it!
Our IT Team will create the feed and we will send the information to Idealista.

Important notes from Idealista

Description text

Maximum 4,000 characters


Half baths will be rounded up to a whole number, eg: 1.5 baths will display as 2 baths

Properties with NO plot

m2 Built must be greater than 0. If not, the property will be skipped


m2 Plot must be greater than 0. If not, the property will be skipped

New developments

Not accepted

Short Term Rentals

Not accepted

Video Tours (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)

Not accepted

GPS coordinates
Postal code

Mandatory. The property must have either GPS coordinates or the postal code or the property will be skipped.

Complete this information in the system and you can later select to NOT SHOW the exact location of the property.
Click here to see how to auto-fill these details using the Copy Values from Cadastral Reference function.

Properties not updated in 3 months

Idealista may stop your feed if there have been no property updates for 90 days

How can I select the properties I want to send to Idealista?

Select or remove the [Idealista] tickbox on each property (bottom-right on the Descriptions Tab).
This must be done manually when you list a new property.

Can I automatically select all my properties?
If you want to start fresh and have ALL your properties either selected or removed automatically, start a chat with us to request it. This is a one-time action that the IT team will do for you and it cannot be undone.

NOTE: If we automatically select all your properties for you, from that day onwards you will still have to manually select the [Idealista] tickbox when you add a new property.

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