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How to list a New Development property
How to list a New Development property

Sharing a New Development property in the system will depend on if you are the developer/exclusive agent or not.

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YES, I am the developer / I have an exclusive agreement to promote a new development

In this case we will upload your development to our New Developments Module.

  1. Fill out this online form

  2. We will check the information and let you know if anything is missing before starting the upload

  3. When your development is uploaded, you will receive an email with instructions on how to verify and publish your development so that other Network member agents can access it.

Definition of an Exclusive agreement to sell a New Development

  • You have an exclusive if your agency runs the sole on-site sales office AND/OR you are the only estate agent that can register and broker buying clients via the developers. Eg: all estate agents must register their clients via your agency.

  • You do not have an exclusive if the developers will accept client registrations from other estate agents and pay them a commission directly in the case of a sale.

  • NOTE: In the case of another agent disputing the validity of your exclusive agreement, we reserve the right to contact the developers directly.

NO, I do not have an exclusive agreement with the developer

In this case you cannot list in the New Developments Module, however you can add the development to your own database as an Unshared listing so that anyone in your office can send details to interested direct clients and they can also be published to your website.

When listing an Unshared development, note the following:

  • Details Tab: select if the property is Off Plan or Under Construction from the [Completed] drop-down list; and select the [Year] that the property will be completed.

  • Features Tab: Under Category at the bottom of the features list, you can select Off Plan or New Development which will help you when later searching for these properties. Note that the New Development tickbox will only appear if the property is set to Not Shared.

  • Sharing: Untick the Shared tickbox before clicking [Save].

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