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Procedure for a property owner to cancel their listing - monitored by ReSales Online
Procedure for a property owner to cancel their listing - monitored by ReSales Online

If a property owner has tried to cancel their listing with an agent and the agent has not complied, this is the procedure to follow.

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What should the property owner do?

Send an email to the original listing agent:

  • Quote the ReSales-Online reference number and instruct the agent on what they want them to do with the listing: cancel it completely, or set it to Not Shared in the ReSales-Online shared database.

  • If this is a NEW email: CC in:

  • If the email was sent previously, ask the owner to forward the email to the above email address.

Note: ReSales-Online will not accept or monitor emails that come directly from one agent regarding removing another agent's listing, or if the agent forwards the original email to us as this could have been modified.

What will ReSales-Online do?

  1. Once we receive the email from the owner we will contact the Original Listing agent to notify them of the email received, ask them to verify this information, and update their listing accordingly.

  2. The Listing will be monitored to check it has been updated as per the owner's request.

  3. If the owner's instructions are not followed within 2 working days, the Customer Support Dept will set the property to Listing status with an explanatory note.

Why is this procedure in place?

If an owner does not want a certain agent to list their property anymore, it is the property owner’s responsibility (or yours depending on your agreement) to remove any prior instructions from other agents.

In the majority of cases, agents will cancel a listing when they have received instructions from a property owner. Or, if you have a good relationship with the other agent, sometimes simply notifying them of your new exclusivity will do the job.

The above procedure is only in place for the times that this is not the case and you need our help.

ReSales-Online do not have a contractual relationship with property owners; they are your clients and not ours, so if you want us to monitor and ensure that the other agent follows the owner's instructions, we must follow a protocol.

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