Client Mode

Don't let your clients see confidential property information!

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What is Client Mode?

When searching for and showing properties to your clients directly on your PC you might prefer that certain information is not available for them to see.

When you enable [Client Mode] the following information is hidden: 

  • Listing agent names

  • The Agent Info tab

  • Sales commissions

  • When the property was last updated

  • Members List

  • Preferred Agents List

How can I enable / disable Client Mode?

Enable Client Mode

  1. Click [Miscellaneous] on the system menu

  2. Click [Client Mode]

  3. Click [Accept] to enter Client Mode

  4. A notice will display at the top-left of the screen [IN CLIENT MODE]

Disable Client Mode

Follow the above instructions again and click [Accept] on the pop-up to exit Client Mode.

If you have any issues with this function, please start a chat with Customer Support so they can assist you.

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