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What are Preferred Agents?
What are Preferred Agents?
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A preferred agent is an agent that you want to keep in your inner circle of collaborators.  

You may want to prefer them for various reasons, for example:

  • You already have a good collaborative relationship with the agent.

  • They have quality listings in the area that you get property enquiries from your clients.

When you set one or more agents as Preferred, your property search page will include an extra [Preferred Agencies] option.  So when you perform a search and select [Preferred Agencies] your search results will contain only properties listed by your preferred agents.  


  • Each time you select a preferred agency, you give them one vote in the ratings system. They will receive an email notification that you have preferred them.

  • Your own rating is available at the top of the Agency Preferences page.

  • You may hide your rating from other users by clicking [Agency Rating - Public/Private] under [Your Agency Rating].

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