To view properties listed by a particular agent, do the following:

  1. Click [Properties] on the platform menu

  2. Click [Search]

  3. Click [More options]

  4. Do one of the following:  Start typing the name of the agent you are looking for in the [Agency] text box; or Click the icon in the corner of the [Agency] text box to view a list of agents to select from, make your selection and close the selection window

  5. Click [Search]


  • Your search results will only contain properties that the agent(s) have chosen to share with other agents. 

  • You will not see the contact details of the actual owner of the property, you must contact the listing agent to arrange a viewing and collaborate.  Click the [Agent Info] tab on any property to see the contact details of the listing agent.

  • You can email any of these properties directly to your own clients, the property will be branded with your own logo and contact details, not the listing agent.

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