How can I add a task and set a reminder?
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There is nothing worse than “Oh no! I forgot to send the client the property searches” or “Did I call the real estate agents to set up the viewing appointment?” 

Make sure you stay on top of the important tasks by creating them in ReSales-Online. You can link a task to a client in your Contact list and also create a task for a colleague.

To create a task :

  1. Click [Tasks] on the platform 

  2. Click [Add Task]

  3. Select the task [Type]

  4. To link the task to an existing Contact: Start typing the name of your contact into the [Contact] field and then click on the name when it appears in the list below. 

  5. To link the task to a new contact: Start typing the name of your Contact and then click [+ Please click here to add a new contact], Complete the contact’s detail in the pop-up window, Click [Save Contact]

  6. Complete the rest of the task details using the drop-down lists

  7. Select the [Reminder] tickbox if you want the platform to send you an email to remind you about the task on a certain day and time.

  8. Add a short description of the task in [Subject]

  9. Add any extra notes about the task if required in the text box under the Subject.

  10. Click [Save]

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