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Setting up your ReSales-Online account
Setting up your ReSales-Online account

Just started with ReSales-Online? Personalise your account by adding your logo, email signature, etc.

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Welcome on board, below we have put together a list of articles and resources to help you get started.

First things first, we recommend you configure your account, it is important that you have everything set up correctly before you start contacting clients and networking with the other agents. 

  • Add your company logo - Upload your company logo so that it will appear on window cards and emails sent to your clients.

  • Company details - Confirm your contact details have been added correctly.

  • Add your email signature - Include your email signature and contact information at the bottom of your emails.

  • Email settings - Increase the delivery rate of the emails you send to your clients.

What's next?

Now that your account has been configured why not try out some of the main features in the system.

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How to add a property
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