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Client Profiles - everything you need to know
Client Profiles - everything you need to know
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What is a Profile?

A “Profile” is an automatic property matching feature that will save you a lot of time searching for properties and will keep your clients informed of new properties added to the system that match their requirements. Note: It is not currently possible to create a Profile for rentals.

How to create a Profile

  1. Click [Profiles] on the system menu

  2. Click [Create Profile]

  3. Type your client’s name in the [Contact Name] text box. If the name matches any clients in your CRM, a list will display. Either click on a displayed name, or click on [+ Please click here to add a new contact], complete the contact information, then click [Save Contact]

  4. Add your client’s requirements, use the [More Options] button for a more detailed search. We recommend making a detailed first search and later can edit the search criteria.

  5. Click [Save Profile].

Next steps

  • A summary of your profile will display with a list of matched properties.

  • Have a look through the initial profile results and manually send any properties from the list that would interest your client. ⚠️ Initial search results are NOT sent automatically to your client as the first search will often return too many properties for one email.

  • To have the system automatically email future property matches to your client - select the [Auto Notify] tickbox.

  • If you prefer to check out the properties first and manually email any interesting ones to your client - do not select the [Auto Notify] tickbox.


What happens next?

When new shared properties are added to the database, the system will check them against your saved profiles and add any matches to your profile list(s).

Profile Match email notifications
You will be notified by email when the system has found new property matches for your client(s). The email will state if the properties have been:

I don’t want Profile Match emails coming to my Inbox

The system sends the emails automatically and it cannot be disabled. If you do not want these emails in your Inbox, we recommend that you set an email rule or filter on your email account so that they are automatically assigned to their own folder and not your inbox.

How to manually email profile matches to a contact

Only do this if the profile match email you received says that the properties have NOT been sent to your client.

  1. The email you received will give you a Profile ID number

  2. Click [Profiles] on the left side menu, enter the Profile ID in the [View Profile] box, click [View]

  3. Use the [Sort By] drop down list to select "Most Recently Added"

  4. Each property will display the date it was added as a profile match, the recent ones will be at the top of the list

  5. Click [Add to List] on the properties you want to send

  6. Click [Print/Email] and follow through with the email function as usual.

After emailing the properties, the next time you view the profile, the properties you sent to the client will be flagged as [Introduced] with the date the email was sent. See Managing my Profile search results

Auto Notify

If [Auto Notify] is ticked on a profile, the system will AUTOMATICALLY send new properties to your clients without you vetting them first. Your client will only receive an email when new property matches have been found, all matches will be included in a single email with a thumbnail photo and brief description of each property.

⚠️ If you archive a contact from your ReSales Online account, they will still receive property match emails if Auto Notify is selected, so make sure you disable the profile or remove Auto Notify before archiving the contact.

How can I remove Auto Notify from a Contact Profile?

  1. Do one of the following options to locate your clients Profile:

    1. Enter the profile ID number in the [View Profile] box under [Profiles] on the left side menu

    2. [Search Profiles] under [Profiles] on the system menu

    3. Locate the client via [Contacts] and in the dedicated [Profiles] tab

  2. Click [View]

  3. Untick [Auto Notify].

Send Exact Only

If your profile search criteria includes a feature in the [Nice to Have] box, on the profile results page the system will tell you if the property is an EXACT match (meets all search criteria) or a CLOSE match (does not include all the “nice to have” features).

Select the [Send Exact Only] tickbox if you want the system to send properties that are exact matches via Email.

A note about the email that your client will receive

The property match emails that are sent to your clients can be formatted in one of the following ways, depending on if you have set up a web page link on your account or not.

  1. Weblink not set: the email will contain the full property description in the body of the email.

  2. Weblink is set: the email will contain a trimmed description with a [View More] button.

Option 2 makes for a shorter email and easier for your client to scroll through and click to view the properties of interest. A Weblink is a once only setup, click here to read how to.

Finding and editing my Profiles

Search for my profiles

  1. Click [Profiles] on the system menu

  2. Click [Search Profiles]

  3. Use the [Search By] drop-down list to select if you want to search All Profiles, Contact (client name or email address), or Profile ID number

  4. You can choose to include Archived Contacts or Deactivated Profiles

  5. Click [Show All Profiles] or [Search]

View a profile

  1. Follow the above instructions for how to find your profiles

  2. Click the [View] 👁️ icon to the right of any profile to open it.

Edit a profile

  1. Follow the above instructions for how to find your profiles

  2. Click the [Edit] 📝 icon to the right of any profile you want to edit

  3. ⚠️ if you edit a profile and reduce the requirements, eg: from 3 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms the previous matches (ie: 3 bed properties) will still display in your results. This is to keep a record of the properties that have previously matched your clients requirements.

Deactivate a profile

  1. Follow the above instructions for how to find your profiles

  2. Click the green on/off button to the right on the profile you want to deactivate

  3. A deactivated profile will remain dormant in the system, it will not email properties unless reactivated.

Delete a profile

  1. Click [Contacts] from the left side menu, click [Search Contacts]

  2. Enter the name of the contact, click [Search], then click on the Contact name

  3. Click the [Profiles] tab and locate the profile you wish to delete

  4. Click the [Delete] button to the right of the profile you wish to delete

  5. Note that a deleted profile cannot be recovered.

Managing my Profile search results

The Profile results page can get quite long, here is how you can make the list easier to manage.

At the bottom of each property you will see an information box:


It tells you:

  • if the property is a Close Match or Exact Match depending on your “Nice to Have” selections

  • if you have viewed or rejected the listing (these boxes must be ticked manually by you)

  • the date the listing was matched to this profile

  • the date you introduced (emailed) the property to your client (either manually or by Auto Notify)

As properties are added over time, you can control which properties you want to see in the list and change it at any time by selecting or unselecting the tickboxes in the top-right corner of the profile.


In the example above, you can see that there are 53 total profile matches, 7 of them have been sent to the client, 32 are no longer available and 18 properties [Other] have had no action on them.

So in this case by selecting only the [Other] tickbox, you will see any properties that have not been marked as introduced, viewed, or rejected.

From here you can select or unselect tickboxes to view the list in different ways.

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