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What is a Web Page Link (weblink)?
What is a Web Page Link (weblink)?

A web page link provides a method for your clients to click and directly open up property details on your website.

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When your client receives a Profile Match email notifying them of properties which match their requirements, they could simply click on the photo or the "View Property" link and they will be redirected to the relevant property on your website.

Having this functionality available for your clients requires some setting up and you might need help from your web developer.

How can I add a Web Page Link?

You can enter a Web Page Link for your company as follows:

  1. Click [My Account] at the top of the Home page

  2. Click the [Company] tab

  3. Click [Edit]

  4. Complete [Web Page Link] entry box at the foot of the left column (see next section about format of the link)

  5. Click [Save]

Format of the Web Page Link

The format of you Web Page Link depends on the format of the links used on your website, consult your web developer to find out what format you should use.

NOTE that there may be a small amount of programming work required to implement this feature on your website.

The page to which you are directing the client should be capable of accepting and processing two parameter values in order to display the relevant property in the relevant language:

  • the first parameter value is our property reference number (without the leading 'R') and should be denoted in the link as {Id}

  • the second parameter value is the client's preferred language and should be denoted in the link as {Lang}, example values : es, en, etc.

Note that the {Id} and {Lang} placeholders are case sensitive and should not appear as {id}, {LANG}.

Examples of Web Page Link formats

For a property reference of R2356321 in the English language, the above links would appear in the profile email as :

If you need any help with this, start a chat with our Customer Support Team.

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