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WebAPI V6 - Full Documentation for Web Developers
WebAPI V6 - Full Documentation for Web Developers
Add a property search on your website that will update in real time and without the need of a database. Our recommended method.
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Current version - WebAPI V6

This link contains the full documentation your web developer will need to set up your WebAPI Version 6, send them the link and if they need any assistance they can start a conversation with our technical team by clicking the chat icon on our website.

Important Note about earlier WebAPI versions

WebAPI V4.x and V5.x Deprecated

From the 1st of March of 2022, the WebAPI versions before API V6.0 will be deprecated. This means from that date you will no longer be able to create new API keys for the previous versions. and we will no longer provide support for deprecated versions:

  • V4.1, V4.2, V4.3 and V4.4

  • V5.0, V5.1, V5.2 and V5.3

From the 1st of March of 2023, V4.x and V5.x will be removed from the System. So any website that has not upgraded before this date will no longer display property results.

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