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What is a sub-office?
What is a sub-office?

Network Account holders can open a linked Sub-Office Account if they have more than one office for the same business.

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Conditions and details for setting up a sub-office

  • Only Network members can open a sub-office account.

  • The sub-office account name must be the same as the main office name, plus a location or number eg:

    • Main office: My Real Estate

    • Sub-office: My Real Estate – Marbella or My Real Estate – 2

  • The sub-office must display the same logo and website as the main office.

  • Fees for a sub-office account will be added to the main account invoice.

  • A sub-office subscription will be charged on the basis of the number of user licences on the account.

  • The minimum charge for a sub-office will be the price of 1 user licence.

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