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How can I add my own Terms and Conditions to my Listing and Sales Agreement Forms?
How can I add my own Terms and Conditions to my Listing and Sales Agreement Forms?

Choose the Terms and Conditions you display on your forms, you can either use the standard system Terms, or write your own.

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How to add custom Terms and Conditions

  1. Click [My Account] icon at the top right of the screen

  2. Click the [Own Terms and Conditions] tab

  3. Select the language you wish to write in:

    1. The English and Spanish tabs will display by default

    2. To select a different language, click the [Add New] button and select a language

  4. Type your terms and conditions into the text box, format your text with the text editing tools

  5. Use the tags above the text box to include certain company details that are stored in the system (more info below)

  6. Click [Review] to view the terms and conditions you have entered

  7. Click [Save]

  8. Repeat from Point 3 above to add terms and conditions in another language.

When you have saved your own Terms and Conditions they will be included on your Listing Form and Sales Agreement Form, provided that you have selected the [Use own Terms and Conditions] option.

How to use tags

What is a tag?

Tags are elements that will allow you to customise your Terms and Conditions. By using the displayed tags, you can insert company details stored in the system into your text.

How to insert a tag

Simply copy and paste any tags that you wish to use into your text. The system will take the "company name" and "tax number", etc that is stored in the [Company] tab in your account and add these details into the text, for example:

Enter tags like this

Resulting text for your forms

The property owner authorises {invoicecompanyname} with CIF number {taxnumber}, trading as {companyname} and with offices at {address}, to sell and promote .....

The property owner authorises ABC ESTATES SL with CIF number B12312312, trading as ABC REAL ESTATE and with offices at Avenida Somewhere, Marbella, to sell and promote .....

By using the tags, whenever your company details are changed in the system, your Terms and Conditions will be updated at the same time.


  • You must have Administrator privileges to perform these functions.

  • If you print or send a form in a language that does not have a saved custom Terms and Conditions, the system will by default use the standard system Terms and Conditions.

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