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What does "needs full address" mean?
What does "needs full address" mean?
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When a property displays NEEDS FULL ADDRESS, revise the address and check that it contains the following:

  1. Apartment:

    • Name of the apartment complex.

      • If not a complex, then Street Name and Number.

    • Number or name of the block (if more than one block in the complex).

    • Portal number (if applicable).

    • Apartment number (eg: floor and letter, or apartment number).

    • Urbanisation /Town / Area.

  2. Townhouse:

    • Name of the townhouse complex

    • Street name when available and house number (if no house number, then name of house).

    • Urbanisation / Town / Area.

  3. Villa:

    • Street name and house number (if no house number, then name of house).

    • If the villa is in a complex/villa group, then name of complex/group.

    • Urbanisation / Town / Area.

  4. Fincas / Country Properties:

    • Name of area/zone, polygon​ and parcela numbers.

    • If the above is not available, then name or number of finca, road, zone/area, and town, be as specific as possible, (eg: Finca Sol, Coin is not specific enough).

  5. Plots:

    • Street name.

    • Plot number.

    • Urbanisation/town.

  6. Commercial:

    • Name of shop/restaurant, etc if applicable.

    • Street or complex name.

    • Local number.

    • Urbanisation/town.

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