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How can I print property details?
How can I print property details?
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Print from the Search 2.0 results list

  1. Select the tickboxes to the left of the property or properties you wish to print

  2. Click the print icon at the top of the page (or select Print from the [Actions] drop-down menu)

  3. Select the format to print

  4. Click the [Print/Preview] button 

  5. The window card will open in a separate window

  6. Click the Print icon.

Email from a property details page

  1. Select the [Print/Email] tickbox

  2. Click [Print/Email]

  3. Continue the steps from Step 3 above.


  • You can change the order of the photos in your email or printout by clicking on the Edit icon on the property reference that is displaying on your Print/Email page.

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